Public Health and informatics Department

Jahangirnagar University

Borrowing from the title of the second volume of Winston Churchill's six-part history of the Second World War, I would like to term the completion of the Padma Bridge as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's "finest hour".

About Us

Welcome to the Department of Public Health and Informatics, Jahangirnagar University. The Department of Public Health and Informatics was founded on 2011, to meet the increasing demand of the respected field. The mission is to explore new frontiers through academic search and development. Public Health and Informatics is a dynamic and fast growing profession all over the world including Bangladesh. Because of its enormous contribution to our health and health care system, this subject has always been a high priority choice to the students coming for University education. Our vision is to achieve highest excellency in academic programs in the field of Public Health. We are committed to be an integral part in the struggle of Bangladesh for sustainable growth and development. We try to understand Public Health in the perspective of climate change, ecosystem, industrialization, urbanization and increasing purchasing capacity of the people of the developing...